How to format Samsung Galaxy A52?

Samsung Galaxy A series phones are aimed at offline markets and very popular in mid-range price segments. Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy A52 comes with Snapdragon 720G processor and 6GB RAM / 128GB storage. A52 is powered by a 4500 mAH battery with a charging speed of up to 25watt. Over a period of time, Samsung phones tend to slow down, also some junk apps may slow down the phone. You may need to be format your Samsung Galaxy A52 to regain the smoothness. In this guide, we will see how to format Samsung Galaxy A52 and flash stock ROM on your phone for free.

Requirements to format Samsung Galaxy A52

  1. USB Cable Type-C to USB A.
  2. Make sure your phone is charged above 75%.
  3. Backup all the important data from the internal memory of the phone as this process wipes the internal memory of the phone.
  4. A computer with USB drivers and ADB drivers installed.
  5. make sure you do not turn off the computer or remove the USB cable during the format process.

How to format Samsung Galaxy A52

There are two stages you have to complete to completely format Samsung Galaxy A52

  1. Wipe Data/reset
  2. Flash Stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy A52

We will see both the steps in detail –

Stage 1 – Wipe data/Reset Samsung Galaxy A52

In the first stage, you can only reset your phone and wipe the memory of the phone to fix many common issues.

  • Sttep1; Open the settings option from the app drawer.
  • Step2: Go to the menu, and select the “General management” option.
  • Step3; Select “Reset Option” from the new page.
  • Step4: Now, tap on the “Factory Data Reset” option.
  • Step5: Confirm that you are aware of data loss and tap on the Reset option at the end of the page.
  • Step6: Now, enter your PIN/Pattern to confirm the reset option.
  • Step7: Your phone will now restart and starts the reset process.
  • Step8: After few minutes, the reset process will be completed and your phone will restart.
  • Step9; Setup the phone and you can now start using your phone normally.

Stage2: How to flash stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy A52

Many users will be happy with stage 1 but some users will want to clean flash their phone and install latest updated stock software on their phone. Here’s you can do it –

Read our detailed guide on How to flash stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy A52?

The process contains –
1. Download the latest stock ROM.
2. Boot into fastboot mode.
3. Connect the phone to the computer.
4. Load the stock ROM on Odin software.
5. Wipe data on phone.
6. Start flashing stock ROM.
7. Setup device after the phone restarts.

Now that you have followed both the stages your phone is now good as new. You can set up the phone and install only required apps and do not install any unknown third-party apps that may contain malware/adware that slowdowns the phone.

How to extend battery life and make the device faster in Samsung Galaxy A52

There are some settings in Samsung OneUI which make the device run smoother without any hang issue.

  1. Turn off battery-saving mode.
  2. Turn off GPS and background sync
  3. Go to developer option and change animation scale, window animation, Transition Animation to 0.5X.
  4. Select the “Enhance touch Sensitivity” option in Display Settings.
  5. Enable Dark mode for extended battery life.

With the help of the above settings, you can get faster speed on your Samsung Galaxy A52.

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