How To Reset and Wipe Data on Samsung Galaxy A52?

Samsung Galaxy A52 is a newly launched Samsung A-series smartphone from Samsung. Basically, A series is targeted for Offline markets and considered as most affordable and stable software phones available in local shops. Samsung A52 comes with 6 and  8 GB of RAM and 128 GB/256 GB internal storage. The phone comes with a snapdragon 720G processor which will give you the best performance in day-to-day usage. You may want to format your phone to fix some bugs/hang issues in your A52 smartphone. In this guide, we will see how to reset & wipe data on the Samsung Galaxy A52.

Requirements to reset and wipe data on Samsung galaxy A52

You need to complete/fulfill the following things to reset Samsung galaxy A52 for free

  1. Make sure to charge your phone more than 75%.
  2. Take a backup of your personal data stored in the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy A52. Copy your important files in your computer or memory card.
  3. You must have a backup of your Contacts, call log, and SMS. use SuperBackup App from Playstore to backup your contacts, SMS, and Call logs.
  4. Note that your internal storage will be formatted along with all the apps installed on your phone. You will have to install and set up your apps again after the reset completes.

Download section –

You don’t require to download any file to wipe and reset Samsung Galaxy A52. You can do it on your own without the need for a computer or any other program.

How to reset and wipe data on Samsung Galaxy A52

  • Step1: Unlock your Samsung A52 and go to the Settings from the launcher or from the notification panel.tap on settings icon
  • Step2: From the settings menu, scroll below and select the General Management general management
  • Step3: Now, select the Reset option from the new reset option
  • Step4: Under reset options, to fully reset and wipe the data, select the “Factory data reset” option from the factory data reset
  • Step5: On the new page, you will be warned about data loss, and accounts that are logged into your phone will be removed. Tap on the RESET button at the bottom of the page.How To Reset and Wipe Data on Samsung Galaxy A52? 1
  • Step6: Now, you have to enter your PIN or draw a pattern to confirm reset data on your Samsung Galaxy A52.
  • Step7: Your phone will now turn off and restart automatically to start the format process.
  • Step8: Do not interrupt the process and wait for the process to complete.
  • Step9: After few minutes your phone will restart automatically.
  • Step10: You can now set up the phone by entering your choices and login into a google account.

How to restore Contacts, SMS, and Call Logs in Galaxy A52 after reset

If you have taken a backup using super back in SD card, you can restore it using the app.

  1. Open the play store and install Super Backup App.
  2. Select SMS and tap on restore SMS.
  3. Now, select the path of the memory card (SD card) in which you have stored the SMS backup file.
  4. SMS backup restore will start. Wait for the process to complete.
  5. Similarly, you can restore the call logs and contacts.

Summary –

In this guide, we have seen how to reset and sipe data on Samsung galaxy A52. if you have any doubt/query, let us know in the comment section below.