How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50 within 5 minutes

Samsung Galaxy is a well-received phone with good specifications and build quality. Considering its budget pricing, you can get a lot more features and smoother performance with a good processor. In this post, we will see how to root Samsung Galaxy A50 so that you can get most out of your phone and use it to the full extent.

Why you need to Root Samsung Galaxy A50

Galaxy A50 comes with Samsung’s One UI, which is well optimised and feature-packed. But having a locked bootloader, there are some features which you are missing and can be unlocked/used when you root your phone.

Some of the important features you can get when you root Samsung Galaxy A50 –

  1. Screen recording with internal/external sounds.
  2. Better control over permissions.
  3. Battery saving Scripts.
  4. Custom Boot animations.
  5. You can uninstall System Apps which can’t be uninstalled in the non-rooted phone.
  6. Full Device Backup and restore functionality.
  7. Performance increment.
  8. Custom ROMs to get other android skins taste ( like Oxygen OS, MIUI, Paranoid Android, EMUI, etc.).

Required files for rooting galaxy A50

1. Odin Software for Windows

2. TWRP tar file

3. Decryptor File

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50 step by step guide

Follow these simple steps to root your galaxy A50 in just a few minutes.

1. Unlock Bootloader

You have to unlock the bootloader first to root galaxy A50. We have a separate guide for unlocking Galaxy A50 bootloader.

Read our exclusive guide on How to unlock bootloader in Samsung Galaxy A50

2. Download the Files – 

Download the TWPR and decryptor zip files from the above download section and copy then to phone’s storage.

3. Boot into Bootloader – 

Once you unlocked the bootloader and rebooted to the system, turn off your device. Now, press volume up + down + power with USB plugged in and when the phone turns off release power and keep pressing volume up/down buttons. You’ll be directed to download mode

4. Flash TWRP from Odin – 

Download the Odin software from the above download section and select the AP option and choose the TWRP zip file.

After Odin detects your device, click on the Start button to start the flashing process.

6. Reboot into TWRP recovery immediately after flashing –

After the flashing completes, quickly click volume up + power button until you boot into TWRP.

7. Flash Decryptor zip –

Select the decryptor zip file from the phone’s storage and flash it via twrp.

8. Install Magisk Manager App –

Now, you can select Reboot and press System to boot into the system.

Once the phone is booted, install the magisk manager to manage your root permissions — download magisk manager from here.

With these eight steps, you can easily root Galaxy A50.


In this guide of how to root Samsung galaxy A50, we have seen the eight simple steps to root your device. If you have any doubt regarding the rooting process of A50, you can comment down your queries in the comment section below.

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