Samsung B110 e/d Mic Ways Jumper

Samsung B110 E/D mobile mic not working problem solution is explained in this article. You can fix mic not working issue by following this guide.

Samsung SM-B110E Mic Not Working Problem Solution Ways Jumpers

Samsung SM-B110E/D Mic Ways Jumper steps:-

  1. the image shown below shows the path of the Samsung Guru FM Plus B110E Mic connection
  2. First Check Mic is working or not using the multimeter
  3. If Mic is working then follow the image below and connect the paths as shown
  4. Now check the speaker is working.
  5. Done…you have fixed Mic problem using Samsung B110 e/d Mic Ways Jumper

Samsung B110 e/d Mic Ways Jumper 2

If the Mic is still not working you have to purchase a new Mic component and replace with not working component. Then again do same procedure and confirm the Mic is working.

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  1. After do all thing but my problem is not solve .one leg of mic is ground and 2nd leg is jumper on capacitor but there are no any voltage recive plz help me with full mic track


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