3 Ways To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A52

Samsung provides tons of features to their smartphones. Samsungs OneUI is so feature-rich that you can do almost everything that some rooted phone would do. You might get in some situation that you may want to take screenshot of your screen. You may want to share the screenshot or save the information on your screen to read it later. You can now take screenshot easily on your Samsung Galaxy phones using hardware keys or just by gestures.

If you have purchased Samsung Galaxy A52, you can take a screenshot very easily. In this guide, we will see 3 ways to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A52 instantly.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A52

Samsung Galaxy A52 comes with the One UI OS based on Android 11. It is very easy to take A52 screenshot instantly. Samsung has given 3 ways to easily take screenshot on Galaxy A52. The first method doesn’t require any software gesture and needs to press specific hardware keys to take screenshot at any time. The other two methods are software based gestures and need to perform certain gestures to take screenshot.

Method 1 – A52 Screenshot using hardware keys

  1. Grab your Samsung Galaxy A52 and head over to the screen of which the screenshot has to be taken.
  2. Now, press Volume Down button + Power button simultaneously to take a screenshot.
  3. Screenshot settings will appear on the screen from which you can select an area of the screenshot, draw on screen and share the screenshot without saving.

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Method 2 – How to take A52 screenshot using Gesture

  1. Grab your Galaxy A52 and go to the screen of which the screenshot has to be taken.
  2. Make your palm straight and from the pinky finger side slide your hand over the screen.
  3. That’s it, a screenshot has been taken now.
  4. You can now edit your screenshot, select area, draw over the screen or even share the screenshot without saving it.

Method 3 – How to take A52 screenshot while gaming

take screenshot in samsung galaxy

Samsung Galaxy A52 comes with the Game mode. During gaming, you can do screen record, take a screenshot, increase performance and stop screen interruptions, etc.

  1. During gaming, swipe from the top to open the notification panel.
  2. Now, tap on the Game Booster option.
  3. Various game booster options are now displayed on the screen. Select “Screenshot” options from the screen to take a screenshot.

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