Miracle Box V2.82 full Version Download without Box.

Miracle box is just a miracle in with your phone. I am not kidding! This software is capable of doing almost any software repair on your phone. Many keypad phones, touchscreen phones can be repaired by a miracle box. In this post, we have explained, Miracle Box v2.82 full version download and how to install guide in step by step manner.

What is Miracle Box

Miracle box is a premium software which can repair software related issue for many china phones with MTK processors. Latest version Miracle Box v2.82 even support other processors like Spreadtrum/Qualcomm etc. The keypad mobiles can also be repaired using this miraculous tool.

The working behind the Miracle Box tool is that it uses the Fuzzy Logic to try and test the methods out of which one method should work. Since Fuzzy logic is stable and secure with a high rate of success, this tool is one the favourite in Mobile Repairing Center.

But wait why to visit Repairing centre, if you can do this on your own using your PC and following some instruction. Before seeing how to download Miracle Box v2.82 full version, we will see its features and what you can do with it.

Features of Miracle Box v2.82

  • Repair IMEI without Flash.
  • First & Biggest Flash File Library in the world.
  • Support the latest MTK CPU.
  • Support the latest SPD CPU.
  • Support the latest RDA/COOLSAND CPU.
  • Support latest MSTAR CPU.
  • Auto IMEI Repairing with Fuzzy Logic technology.
  • Best Auto Pin Finder.
  • Read/Backup SPD/MTK Mobile contacts.
  • Network Unlock MTK 65xx CPU based phones.
  • Auto Update.
  • Format with advanced options.
  • Big Support Team.
  • First Multilingual Software Interface in the world.
  • USB & Pin Finder Connectivity.
  • Support CDMA phones.
  • Support for Blackberry phones.
  • Support Samsung phones.
  • Best Android phone repair features.
  • Auto connects Android phone info bar.
  • FRP reset tool
  • All features of Android multi-tools.
  • No more box required if you download from this article.
  • Capable of handling a critical situation like a hard brick.

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Miracle Box v2.82 Full Version Download

Filename – Miracle Box v2.82 Full Version

File Size – 700 MB

Supported on – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

File Format – Zip ( use Winrar/WinZip or Peazip to extract the required files)

Download link

Miracle Box v2.82 Full Version download and how to install step by step procedure

Step1: First of all, download the Miracle Box v2.82 RAR file from the above download button.

Step2: Once the download is completed, Extract the RAR file using WinZip/WinRar/PeaZip software.

Step3: Now right click on Miracle Box v2.82 exe file and click on Run as administrator.

Step4: Click on Next to start the installation process.

Miracle Box v2.82 full version

Step5: Wait for the program to install completely on your computer.

Step6: Once the program installed, click on Finish button to close the setup.

Miracle Box v2.82 full version

Step7: Now, from the desktop, double click on the Miracle box icon to run the tool.

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How to repair the Mobile Phone using Miracle Box v2.82 Without Box

Step1: Once you run the program, connect your mobile phone using the USB cable.

Step2: Now press the boot of your phone. Most common boot key is volume down button. try finding correct boot key for your mobile by pressing different keys available on your phone.

Step3: Click on Connect button at the top left corner of the tool. Miracle Box main screen will now start detecting the mobile and will load all required files.

Miracle Box v2.82 full version

Step4: Now click on Read Info radio button and your phone’s IMEI number, model number and other information will be shown on screen.

Step5: You can now select the Processor of your phone and the repairing type like bootloader to unlock, FRP unlock, etc.

Miracle Box v2.82 full version

Step6: Once you select the repair type, click on the Start button to start the process and wait for it to complete.

Done, restart your phone and your phone is repaired now.

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In this guide of “Miracle Box v2.82 full Version download” explains how to download and install it. The guide also explains how to repair your phone using latest version Miracle Box v2.82 without Box. If you have any doubt, a query regarding the process, feel free to type below in comment section.